Legal Information

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    Federal Laws

    General Provisions

    • NRS 388.121  
      • Definitions.
    • NRS 388.122  
      • “Bullying” defined.
    • NRS 388.123  
      • “Cyber-bullying” defined.
    • NRS 388.124  
      • “Electronic communication” defined.
    • NRS 388.132
      • Legislative declaration concerning safe and respectful learning environment.
    • NRS 388.1321
      • Legislative declaration concerning duty of board of trustees, administrators and teachers to create and provide safe and respectful learning environment; authority of parent or guardian of pupil to petition court to compel performance of duty; remedy not exclusive.
    • NRS 388.1323
      • Office for a Safe and Respectful Learning Environment: Creation; appointment and duties of Director.
    • NRS 388.1325
      • Bullying Prevention Account: Creation; acceptance of gifts and grants; credit of interest and income; authorized uses by school district that receives grant.
    • NRS 388.1327
      • Regulations

    Policies; Informational Pamphlet; Program of Training

    • NRS 388.133
      • Policy by Department concerning safe and respectful learning environment.
    • NRS 388.134
      • Policy by school districts for provision of safe and respectful learning environment and policy for ethical, safe and secure use of computers; provision of training to school personnel; posting of policies on Internet website; annual review and update of policies.
    • NRS 388.1341
      • Development of informational pamphlet by Department; annual review and update; posting on Internet website; development of tutorial.
    • NRS 388.1342
      • Establishment of program of training by Department; completion of program by members of State Board of Education; authorized participation by boards of trustees; annual review and update.

    School Safety Team

    Prohibition of Bullying, Cyber-Bullying, Harassment and Intimidation; Reports of Violations

    • NRS 388.1345
      • Compilation of reports by Superintendent of Public Instruction; submission of written compilation to Attorney General.
      • Replaced in revision by NRS 388.135 (see below)
    • NRS 388.135
      • Bullying, cyber-bullying, harassment and intimidation prohibited.
    • NRS 388.1351
      • Staff member required to report violation to principal; time period for initiation and completion of investigation; authorization for parent to appeal disciplinary decision.
    • NRS 388.1352
      • Establishment of policy by school districts for employees to report violations to law enforcement.
    • NRS 388.1353
      • Principal required to submit report of violations for each semester to school district; review and compilation of reports by school district; submission of compilation to Department.
    • NRS 388.1354
      • Disciplinary action against administrator or principal or designee thereof who fails to comply with certain provisions.
    • NRS 388.136
      • School officials prohibited from interfering with disclosure of violations.
    • NRS 388.137
      • Immunity for reporting of violations; exceptions.

    Rules of Behavior; Week of Respect

    • NRS 388.139
      • Text of certain provisions required to be included in rules of behavior. 
    • NRS 388.1395
      • Text of certain provisions required to be included in rules of behavior. 

    Safe-to-Tell Program

    • NRS 388.1451
      • Definitions.
    • NRS 388.1452
      • “Director” defined. 
    • NRS 388.1453
      • “Safe-to-Tell Program” and “Program” defined. 
    • NRS 388.1454
      • Legislative findings and declarations.
    • NRS 388.1455
      • Establishment of Program; requirements of Program; hotline or call center for initial reports; training regarding Program; duties of Director.
    • NRS 388.1456
      • Safe-to-Tell Program Advisory Committee: Establishment; membership; written report to be submitted to Governor and Legislature. [Effective through December 31, 2016.]
    • NRS 388.1457
      • Safe-to-Tell Program Account: Creation; use of money in Account; administration; acceptance of gifts, grants, donations and other sources of money; Director to post list of sources of money on Internet and transmit list to Legislature.
    • NRS 388.1458
      • Confidentiality of information provided to Program; motion to compel production or disclosure of record or information; records and information made available to appellate court.
    • NRS 388.1459
      • Willful disclosure of record or information of Program or willful neglect or refusal to obey court order punishable as criminal contempt.