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Anti-Bullying and Cyber-Intimidation Programs

Anti-Bullying and Cyber-Intimidation Programs are a combination of staff development and educational videos that are used to train school and district staff as well as students in addressing the critical issues of bullying, harassment, and cyber-intimidation.

    Staff Development Course

    The staff development course deepens the understanding of laws and issues surrounding harassment, bullying, and cyber-intimidation. It helps increase the understanding of different forms of harassment, and identify prevention strategies to combat harassment, bullying and cyber-bullying. The course includes 30 hours of online instruction.

      Educational Video Series

      Additionally, there is an educational video series for parents, staff and students that describes different types of behavior, a clear distinction between traditional bullying vs. cyber-bullying and discusses the consequences of bullying and reasons why students, legal ramifications, and prevention strategies for educators, parents, and students.

        Character Education Computerized Program

        Additionally, Learning For Life offers a Character Education computerized program. Lesson plans extend from preK - 8th grade that address anti-bullying discussions.


          • $249 per school including digital lessons for classes (sliding scale based on the number of schools participating)