Safe School Ambassadors


Erica Vogel
Community Matters
652 Petaluma Ave, Suite J1
Sebastopol, CA 95472
Phone: 707-823-6159 ext 103

Empowering Students

Safe School Ambassadors program empowers student bystanders to speak up and intervene with their peers in bullying-related incidents.

  • It targets students in grades 4th - 12th, equipping students with the communication skills to prevent and stop emotional and physical bullying, thereby improving school climate.
  • The program engages student "Alpha" leaders, who are carefully identified through student and staff surveys.
  • Following a two-day interactive training along with adult program mentors, the Ambassadors use their new skills to resolve conflicts, defuse incidents and support isolated and excluded students.
  • When students see the interventions of Ambassadors, they become motivated to speak up and take action, resulting in turning bystanders into 'upstanders.'

    Community Matters

    Community Matters is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with its headquarters in Sebastopol, CA. It is a national leader in bullying and violence prevention, whose mission is to collaborate "in creating safe and inclusive environments where all youth and adults thrive."


      $5,000 at the school level….approximately $125 per student trained (about 40 students and 6-8 adults). Pre and post-training assistance, two-day training of students and staff, coaching support throughout the year, data collection tools, program materials including:

      • Principal Handbook
      • Program Advisor Handbook
      • Small Group Facilitator Guide
      • Student Guidebook